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To introduce the best International Management, Economics and Finance practices.
To develop innovative ideas, methodologies and management tools to support Operating Enterprises in implementing their own Corporate culture.
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Italia Oggi - Saturday, December 1st 2007
My Friends, the Professors

In one's life, as at work, important encounters are often decisive. The most difficult part is knowing how to cultivate them, and develop a simple relationship into daily enrichment. This, we can say, is the special talent of Giovanni Vescovo, chairman and managing director of Promostudio, a high-level consultancy, training and strategic marketing company, who every day interacts with the world's leading economists.

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Il Manifesto - Tuesday, Oct. 9th, 2007
Is there a better consultant than a Nobel Laureate?

«Do you remember the Nokia advertising payoff, connecting people? Should we really find an advertising payoff for our company we could think about something like connecting brains... » [...] After the acquaintance with the world reknown economist, Vescovo decides it is time for a real change and starts widening competences and scope of his company: it is not only about management any longer; it is also about pure economics, macro-economics and finance. That today is  the main and unique feature of Promostudio that is able to combine different disciplines and promotes their match up.

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Il Sole 24 Ore - Sunday, March 25th, 2007 - N. 83
Speakers, when words are woth gold

[...] The company takes care of everything and manages each and every speaker's appearance with the details of perfect screenplay. ... There are no real speakers' bureaus or specialized agencies in Italy. There is only one single exception, Promostudio located in Spinea (Venice area), the organizers of the annual Nobels Colloquia event, which has grown on Edward De Bono's Lateral Thinking (they are the sole agent for Italy) as well as on Jeremy Rifkin, the Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz and Edward Luttwak. [...]

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PROMOSTUDIO conferences, events and seminars

Your professional skills are extraordinary.

prof. Alberto Alesina


[...] To me it's been a deeply enriching moment and experience, both on a personal and professional level. Listening to the speakers has allowed me to think through some ideas that might well be the foundations of most of our Association next year's membership campaigns. [...]

Gianpiero Menegazzo, Acrib
General Director


[...] again, this year I could see the benefit of being your guest in such a great event, together with the Clevernet Meeting held on Monday. This is expressed in the nature of the subjects and quality of presentations/speeches, and meetings with very interesting people and perfect organisation. [...]

Humberto Leite, Finibanco Sa
Vice President, Portogallo


[...] let me thank you once more for your invitation which has allowed me to spend some very interesting, pleasurable and rewarding professional time [...]

Gherardo Magri, Candy
Managing Director South Europe