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Felix Cuesta's Mug ShotProfessor of Enterprise Organization, University of Alcala and Associate Professor, Institudo de Impresa de Empresa Business School, Madrid
Expert of Enterprise Transformation, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and customering (clients oriented strategies)
President of CVAE (Centro Virtual de Asesoramiento Empresarial)
Advisor of national enterprises and multinational corporations

Main Topics: Processes of enterprise transformation, from traditional to virtual enterprises
Customering, CRM and direct marketing
Enterprise internationalization


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download the PDF presentation "Business Advice Services"


Professional Profile: Felix Cuesta is at present  Professor at Alcala University and Associate Professor at the Institudo de Empresas of Madrid and Visitant Professor of various Universities and International Business Schools.. He  has a long experience in Management having worked for years in multinational corporations such as ITT, DEC, Burroughs, Banesto, Electrocomponents Group, Proudfoot, Coopers&Lybrand with national and international positions. He has  conceived and realized numerous entrepreneurial projects for DECdirect, MISCO, TAISA Direct, and CVAE.
When the British Charles Handy presented his book "The Age of Unreason", nobody could ever imagine that a Spanish, Félix Cuesta Fernández, would study in details his topic applying the Cosmos model to the virtual enterprise. Moreover, Felix Cuesta realized numerous startup's in various countries, is author of numerous books, more than 100 articles, several case studies and working papers. In 2010 he published two book: "El Generator de Illusion" ("Illusion Generator", Urano) and Marketing Directo 2.0 ("Direct Marketing 2.0, Planeta).

In his book "La Empresa Virtual" ("The Virtual Company", McGraw-Hill, 1998, 1999), Cuesta suggests the concept of "virtual enterprise" as a structural solution to the present problems of a company:  starting from flexibility he suggests a transformation from a traditional fixed costs structure to a variable costs structure highlighting the characteristics representing and determining the true value of the enterprise.
The virtual enterprise answers the quick changes of our present world.
In 2001, Félix Cuesta founded the Centro Virtual de Asesoramiento Empresarial (CVAE) which accurately follows the structure of COSMOS2 model and which allows him to work all over the world and to be in touch with  famous experts and professionals.
In the era of SMEs, the world of large corporations which is bureaucratic and slow, is due to become unfit, not able to rapidly adapt to the changeable reality of today.
In the book "La Gestión del Marketing Directo" ("Management of Direct Marketing", McGraw-Hill, 1997), Félix Cuesta analyses the legal aspects of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the client loyalty and the management of direct marketing, and writes about his wide experience as manager and advisor  making easier the applying of such complex theories.
In his book "Fidelity...a step further to retention" (McGraw-Hill, 2003), matching theory and practice, Cuesta explains the process of the client loyalty, combining the sales processes with the business.



  • Ph.D. in Economy of Enterprise at Alcala University. Extraordinary Prize
  • Master Science in Physics, specialty of computers at Complutence, Madrid
  • Executive MBA at Institudo de Empresa


Selected Works:


  • F. Cuesta,  "El Generator de Illusion" ("Illusion Generator"), Urano, 2010
  •  Marketing Directo 2.0 ("Direct Marketing 2.0"), Planeta, 2010


  • F. Cuesta, La Transformacion Empresarial como base de la competitividad, Anaya, 2004
  • F. Cuesta, Management of Direct Marketing, McGraw-Hill, 1997
  • F. Cuesta, Fidelity... a step further to retention, McGraw-Hill, 2003
  • F. Cuesta, The Virtual Corporation, (McGraw-Hill, 1998, 1999), 2nd edition, 2006
  • F. Cuesta, Client Base Effective Management (CS Cámaras de Comercio, 2007). Digital book