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David Carroll Croson's Mug ShotDepartment of Strategy and Entrepreneurship Edwin L. Cox School of Business

Main Topics: Entrant Strategy in High-Technology Markets, Entrepreneurial Strategy, Entrepreneurial Decision Making in Venture Launch Timing, Capital Structure and Information Collection, Strategic Information Management, Value of Information in Financial Decision

Professional Profile: David Croson is Associate Professor at the Edwin L. Cox School of Business of the Southern Methodist University Department of Strategy & Entrepreneurship and Member of the Cox Executive Committee since 2005.
Some other academic appointments: David Croson is Senior Fellow at the Wharton Financial Institutions Center Cofounder, Wharton Private Equity Initiative (now Wharton Private Equity Partners) since 1996.
Associate Professor at the Fox School of Business and Management of Temple University Department of Management Information Systems from 2004-2005.
Prior to joining the Cox School, he served as a faculty member at the MIT Sloan School of Management Department of Management Science Information Technology Research Group MIT Center for eBusiness and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He has also been a visiting professor at the University of California - Berkeley, the Hong Kong Institute of Science and Technology, and Temple University.  He frequently advises technology startups and was named "Mentor of the Year" by the University City Science Center and was Winner of the Harvard University Certificate of Excellence in Teaching .
His teaching interests include the strategic use of information as a business asset, the creation of information advantages, and technology investment strategy. His research interests include the value of information in decision problems and the challenges of pricing information and information goods such as software. He has published in journals such as Economics Letters, Academy of Management Review, and Decision Support Systems.


  • PhD 1996 Business Economics Harvard University
  • AM 1994 Business Economics Harvard University
  • MBA Curriculum 1991-93 Harvard Business School
  • MS 1991 Applied Economics, The Pennsylvania State University , Statistics minor 
  • BS (honors) 1989 Applied Economics, The Pennsylvania State University, Mathematics minor



Selected works:
  • D. Carroll Croson, Creative Destruction: A Six-Stage Process for Transforming the Organization, (con R. L. Nolan), Boston: Harvard Business School Press. 1995. (Over 12,000 English-language copies sold; translated into Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese; available as audiocassette)
  • D. Carroll Croson, "Now or Later? Strategic Learning Investments in Anticipation of Outsourcing.", Journal of the International Association of Management 8:1 (Spring 1996), pp. 1-7.
  • D. Carroll Croson, "Market Dominance as Precursor of a Firm's Failure: Information Technology and the Competitive Advantage of New Entrants." (with E. Clemons and B. Weber), Journal of Management Information Systems 13:2 (Fall 1996), pp. 59-75.
  • D. Carroll Croson, "Flexible Entry Strategies for Emerging Telecom Markets." (with J. Fox and V. Ashurkov) Technological Forecasting and Social Change 57:1-2 (Jan/Feb 1998), pp. 35-52.