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Marco Bertini's Mug ShotAssociate Professor of Marketing Management, ESADE (Barcelona, Spain)

Main research interests:

  • Pricing strategy
  • Consumer and managerial decision making

Monetisation is an area of management that seasoned executives and budding entrepreneurs alike seldom talk about with enthusiasm. In fact, although most businesspeople understand that these decisions can truly make or break a company’s bottom line, they tend to tackle today’s demanding markets without the aid of a carefully crafted strategy. As a result, revenue models and pricing policies are little more than collections of tactics held together by questionable assumptions and crude heuristics that, in many circumstances, put financial and brand health in jeopardy. He often refers to that as the harvesting problem.

The central message of his research, teaching and work with practitioners is that monetisation decisions need to assume a broader, more strategic character than they typically do. One good reason for this is that prices play different, at times surprising, roles in a market. Moreover, monetisation decisions can be informed by different theoretical perspectives (including economics, psychology and sociology) and are the shared responsibility of different job profiles (marketing, sales, finance, accounting, etc.).


Professional profile: Marco Bertini is Associate Professor and Department Head of the marketing unit at ESADE. He is considered a leading expert on the subject of monetisation.

Marco holds a Doctor of Business Administration from Harvard Business School, a Master of Business Administration from IESE Business School, and undergraduate degrees in Arts (Politics and International Studies) and Commerce (Economics) from The University of Melbourne. His research, which investigates the psychology of pricing decisions, appears in the major journals for marketing scholars(Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research and Marketing Science) and management practitioners (Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Management Review). This work is often cited in print media and television—most recently in the BBC, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Financial Times, The Times, and Wall Street Journal. In 2012, Marco was nominated for the Business Professor of the Year award, a global competition administered by the Economist Intelligence Unit, and in 2013 he was recognised by the Marketing Science Institute in the United States as one of the most promising researchers in the discipline as part of its biennial Young Scholars programme.

Before joining ESADE, Marco was on the faculty at London Business School for eight years, teaching in the school's degree programmes and a broad range of open-enrolment and custom courses for senior professionals. He has also collaborated with several academic institutions in Europe (e.g. IESE, INSEAD, SDA Bocconi, the University of Cambridge Judge Business School and the University of Oxford Saïd Business School), the United States (Columbia Business School), and Asia (China Europe International Business School).

Marco is a frequent keynote speaker on monetisation issues and his corporate clients have ranged from entrepreneurial start-ups to Global Fortune 500 companies, not-for-profit organisations and government. He is a member of several academic associations, pricing institutions and the liaison committee of the Chief Marketing Officer Council.

A native of Italy, Marco has also lived in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and now Spain.



  • Harvard Business School, Harvard University Boston, USA Doctor of Business Administration (Marketing) June, 2006
  • IESE Business School, University of Navarra Barcelona, Spain Master of Business Administration June, 2000
  • The University of Melbourne Melbourne, Australia Bachelor of Commerce (Economics and Commerce) February, 1998
  • The University of Melbourne Melbourne, Australia Bachelor of Arts (Political Science) February, 1998



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