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Mario Alonso Puig's Mug Shot

Medical Surgeon, Creator of “Leaderlab”


Main Topics:

Creativity, Leadership and Motivation, Growth based on Creativity and Innovation, Conflict Management and Creation of High Performance Teams, Leadership with Vision, First-rate Development in Situations of Uncertainty and Stress, Influence Processes


Profilo professionale:

Dr. Alonso Puig has more than 25 years of practice as a specialist physician in general surgery and the digestive system. He is a Fellow of Harvard Medical School, a member of the New York Academy of Sciences and of the American Association for Advancement of Science.

For two years, he worked at the Instituto de Ciencias Neurológicas (Institute of Neurological Sciences) in Madrid and has dedicated a significant part of his life to the study of the major functions of the brain. Along these years I have seen the direct relationship between anxiety and disease and how health can be dramatically improved through communication.

I have also learnt how everybody can take control over many of his concerns and fears and how to reach a peak state to perform successfully even under high pressure.

Educated in the Harvard University, he has spent more than 20 years researching the basis of human intelligence and the process of learning.His particular interest in the digestive system has lead him to also apply his knowledge and experience to the world of stress and its repercussion on digestive ailments.  For 15 years he served as consultant in the Surgery International Hospital of Madrid, has been Associate Professor at the “Centro Europeo de Estudios y Formaciòn Empresarial Garrigues” ,  at the Euroforum Escorial and was visiting Professor at INSEAD in Fontainebleau, Paris.

The collaboration that he has maintained with a wide variety of companies giving conferences and organising seminars and training workshops, has allowed Dr. Alonso Puig to stay close to the business world and his interest in the field of motivation, leadership and creativity.

As a professor of Leadership, Communication and Business Creativity at the Garrigues Learning and Business Education Centre, he teaches participants of the distinctive programmes that he imparts how to understand and develop essential abilities in order to lead teams.He has created some exceptional, highly effective and easily applicable tools through his conferences and seminars entitled “Leaderlab”, a medical enhanced system to promote leaders and boost creativity. It is an exclusive programme focused on: development of abilities of listening in order to understand how other people perceive reality; capacity to motivate through understanding the needs of others; the generation of creative alternatives in the solving of problems; and the search for opportunities. During his professional career dr . Puig has given lectures an programs on the following subjects: “Growth based on Creativity and Innovation”, “Conflict Management and High Performance Team Building”, “Vision Driven Leadership” and “High Performance under Pressure and Uncertainty



Profilo accademico:
  • Master in Hospital Direction, IESE
  • International Diploma in Advanced Studies in Medical Sofrology
  • Fellow, Harvard Medical School.

  •  Medical PhD Universidad Complutense Madrid, Spain




Principali pubblicazioni:
  • Madera de Lider: Claves Para el Desarrollo de las Capacidades de Liderazgo, Empresa Activa, 2005.