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Kate Sweetman's Mug Shot

Professional Facilitator, Consulent e Author,

Leading Authority on Leadership and Human Resources,Visitng scholar at MIT, Boston, USA

Main Topics:

leadership, gender equity in leadership, talent and innovation in leadership, leadership and human resources, next Generations Leadership skill, Winners and Loosers/Leadership in Digital Age.


Professional Profile:

Kate Sweetman is President and Founder of Sweetman & Associates Leadership Consultancy. She focuses her consulting energies on designing and delivering training courses for 
Divide il suo tempo tra l'insegnamento in corsi di formazione per dirigenti e lavorando con dirigenti senior in un'organizzazione leader nel mondo per la risoluzione dei problemi di leadership che nascono tra strategia e organizzazione. managers and senior executives that help to translate strategy into actions by both individual leaders and teams.  She does this with a keen understanding of how the various needs of the changing workforce – the rising abundance of women and other historic minorities, Gen X and Gen Y – needs to mesh with organizations as they are and as they are evolving to be.  She has also applied her understanding of both business and leadership in supporting entrepreneurial initiatives in the developing world (Asia, Africa, Latin America, and parts of the Middle East).  She is the former president of Leadership Development, Inc. of Waltham, MA, a firm that won first prize with the American Society of Trainers and Developers for its work described as “practical and high impact”.  She has taught courses for graduate students at Harvard Business School and MIT, and has taught executives at Harvard University.  Kate is also a former editor at Harvard Business Review, and recently co-authored The Leadership Code: Five Rules to Lead By with Dave Ulrich (translated into 8 languages).  She has been designated an Emerging Guru by the Times of London for her writing and consulting on the topic of leadership.  She writes a popular blog for Fast Company, a US-based innovation and technology magazine.  Kate has worked with managers and executives throughout Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia. Her Leadership Code work is being used in MBA curricula.  Her work on women and boards has been presented to the Canadian Parliament.   Galford collabora periodicamente con la Harvard Business Review e frequentemente con il Boston Globe , dove ha ricoperto il ruolo di "Job Doc" curando una rubrica di consigli nel Sunday Globe .Kate has had a number of articles published in a variety of journals and newspapers, including Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review and The Economic Times (of India).



Selected Works:
  • The Leadership Code: Five Rules to Lead By (Harvard Business Publishing)