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Introduzione delle migliori prassi internazionali di Management, Economia, Finanza.
Sviluppo di idee innovative, metodologie e strumenti di gestione per aiutare le imprese a sviluppare la propria cultura aziendale.

Jean-Marie Ducreux's Mug Shot Affiliate Professor in Marketing and a Scientific Director at ESCP, Paris

Main Topics: Marketing, Customer Value, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), MarketingStrategy, Pricing, International Marketing, Retailing, Strategy, Competitive Intelligence, Competitive Strategies, Corporate Strategy, Growth Management, Post-merger management, Strategy Formulation, Strategy Implementation, International Strategic Management

Professional Profile: Jean-Marie DUCREUX is a senior advisor with the Boston Consulting Group and an affiliate professor and a scientific director at ESCP. He also teaches in the CFVG (Vietnam) MBA program.

He has worked in France and in the USA , initially with the Boston Consulting Group and with Seagram as a marketing manager for worldwide brands ; and later as the CEO of Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) French subsidiary where he was also in charge of the paint division in Continental Europe.

He works as a consultant and as a professor in the following areas:



Microeconomic analysis : critical factors at firm level


Strategy audit : competitive review , company strategic position, Portfolio analysis ; key drivers, benchmarking, key performance indicators


Evaluation of options, consistency with financial and human resources


Positioning ; mission statement ; identity


Market intelligence ; research methods and information analysis; buying processes; segmentation approach.


Strategic marketing :  life cycle issues; experience curve and implications ;long term positioning.


Marketing and operations : BtoB and BtoC marketing; customer analysis ; sources of competitive advantage


Deployment : international strategy, strategic and marketing plan ,execution, performance  monitoring, control and the feedback loop.



Change management ; human capital models ; identification of individual and collective obstacles and levers to change; transformation programs;


Change in a PMI or in an IS context;


Competencies analysis ; macro-competencies vs technical competencies ; design of training program;


Corporate Universities combining on-line and traditional training programs



Academic Profile:
  • ESCP (1970)
  • MBA Columbia University (1972)
  • DES Sciences Economiques (1976) (Paris Sorbonne)



Selected Works:
  • La Formation dans tous ses états (éditions d’organisation) (2002)
  •  Stratégie, les clés du succès concurrentiel (éditions d’organisation) ( 2004)
  •  Le grand livre de la stratégie (Eyrolles) (2009)