Our Mission

To introduce the best International Management, Economics and Finance practices.
To develop innovative ideas, methodologies and management tools to support Operating Enterprises in implementing their own Corporate culture.


Affiliate Professor in Marketing  and a Scientific Director at ESCP, Paris

Main Topics:
Marketing, Customer Value, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), MarketingStrategy, Pricing, International Marketing, Retailing, Strategy, Competitive Intelligence, Competitive Strategies, Corporate Strategy, Growth Management, Post-merger management, Strategy Formulation, Strategy Implementation, International Strategic Management



Professional Profile:


Jean-Marie DUCREUX  is a  senior advisor with the Boston Consulting Group and an affiliate professor and a scientific director at ESCP. He also teaches in the CFVG (Vietnam) MBA program.

He has worked in France and in the USA , initially with the Boston Consulting Group and with Seagram as a marketing manager for worldwide brands ; and later as the CEO of Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) French subsidiary where he was also in charge of the paint division in Continental Europe.

He works as a consultant and as a professor in the following areas:



Microeconomic analysis : critical factors at firm level


Strategy audit : competitive review , company strategic position, Portfolio analysis ; key drivers, benchmarking, key performance indicators


Evaluation of options, consistency with financial and human resources


Positioning ; mission statement ; identity


Market intelligence ; research methods and information analysis; buying processes; segmentation approach.


Strategic marketing :  life cycle issues; experience curve and implications ;long term positioning.


Marketing and operations : BtoB and BtoC marketing; customer analysis ; sources of competitive advantage


Deployment : international strategy, strategic and marketing plan ,execution, performance  monitoring, control and the feedback loop.



Change management ; human capital models ; identification of individual and collective obstacles and levers to change; transformation programs;


Change in a PMI or in an IS context;


Competencies analysis ; macro-competencies vs technical competencies ; design of training program;


Corporate Universities combining on-line and traditional training programs



Accademic Profile:



ESCP (1970),


MBA Columbia University (1972),


DES Sciences Economiques (1976) (Paris Sorbonne).

Selected Works:


La Formation dans tous ses états (éditions d’organisation) (2002),


Stratégie, les clés du succès concurrentiel (éditions d’organisation) ( 2004),


Le grand livre de la stratégie (Eyrolles) (2009).