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Edward Burman's Mug Shot

China and IT Expert

Main Topics: Internet and e-business, Internet business strategy; China: culture, strategy, opportunity and business for Italian companies, Internazionalization, Corporate Social Responsability

Professional Profile:

Edward Burman has been since 2002 a Director of the AIM-listed investment company Brainspark Plc. He is also a Director of China IPO Group Plc, which specialises in high-tech investments in China, and the Chairman of this company’s subsidiary IPO Beijing Investment Consulting Ltd. At present, as a Director of Mediapolis Investments SA (Luxembourg), he is involved in a project for a large theme park in Xi’an, China. He was from 1999 to 2005 a Senior Partner of the prestigious Italian consulting firm Ambrosetti Srl in Milan (, where he ran the Internet and Telecoms Practice, and then as its Chief Representative in China. Clients on major strategy projects included the City of Milan and HdP (a holding company then including Corriere della Sera, Valentino and Fila). Since 2003 he has lived in China.
As a Visiting Professor, he taught a module on ‘Doing Business in Europe’ in the MBA programme of the Business School of the University of Kent, from 1994 to 1999. From 2000 to 2003 he taught an annual module on ‘Internet Business Strategy’ in the Faculty of Economics of the University of Bologna. From 2005 to 2007 he was a Visiting Professor at the Chinese National Academy of Theatre Arts, lecturing on European culture. He has also lectured regularly at the Italian Navy’s Staff College in Venice, Henley Management College, and the College of Finance, Renmin University, Beijing.

After graduating in Philosophy from the University of Leeds, he lived in Italy for many years and in Iran for five years. In Italy he worked as a consultant and corporate speaker mainly for international telecoms companies, especially during the early 1990s during the process of privatisation and internationalisation in the industry. Telecom clients were BT, Telecom Italia, Telecom Italia Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, Eestefon; other clients included Banca Sella, Credem, Oracle Italia, 3M and Guzzini.

Some of the subjects from his most recent presentations include:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility in China
  • Strategy and Marketing for the Fashion Industry in China
  • New Paradigms for Telecommunications
  • Strategie di Marketing per le PMI
  • Il settore delle telecomuncazioni in Cina
  • La Cina oggi: Opportunità e Business
  • Intellectual Property Rights: An Overview
  • Internationalising an SME or Family Company
  • La Cina e le PMI italiane
  • Satellite Future: strategia, mercati, geopolitica (ie. per la Cina e Asia Centrale).

    Edward has published sixteen books and many articles, mainly on European history and culture but including works on Internet and business. 



Selected Works: BOOKS
  • The World Before Columbus 1100-1492 (London: W.H. Allen, 1989)
  • Internet Nuovo Leviatano: Verso il futuro paradigma di pensiero e di business, (Milano: Etas Libri, 2002)
  • Shift: Hype, Hope and History in Internet (London: John Wiley, 2003)
  • China, Stealth Empire: Why the world is not Chinese yet (Stroud: Sutton, 2008)
  • China and Iran: Parallel History; Future Threat (Stroud: History Press, 2009)
  • ‘Managing Cultural Diversity in a Global World’, 20: A Special Publication Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the Eurodata Foundation, London: Eurodata Foundation, February 1997, pp.42-53.
  • ‘Aspetti dell’Internazionalizzazione: Ipotesi di modello per la valutazione delle culture Europee e delle culture aziendali nelle alleanze e nelle joint ventures’, Società dell’Informazione, anno V, n.19, 1997, pp.30-44.
  • ‘I Templari ed Internet’, Società dell’Informazione, anno VI, n.2, 1998, pp.76-87.
  • ‘Cultural Diversity and Global Politics’, in Nuove prospettive per la sicurezza mondiale? a cura di F.Ghilardi, Pisa: ETS, 1998, pp.165-172.
  • ‘Le alleanze globali: un modello ancora valido?’ BelTel, settembre 1998, anno III, n.8, pp.15-18.
  • ‘È utile il concetto di manager europeo?’, Società dell'Informazione, anno VII, n.2, 1999, pp.16-23.
  • for China Business Monthly:
    ‘SARS and the Business Outlook in China’, May 2003
    ‘Chinese companies in Europe’, May 2004
    ‘A European Point of View on Strategies for Chinese companies abroad’, September 2004
  • for The Economic Observer:
    ‘Observations on the OECD Report on FDI published in late June’, July 2006
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