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Noreena Hertz's Mug ShotExpert in Decision Making, Duisenberg Professor of Globalization, Sustainability and Finance based at Duisenberg School of Finance, RSM, Erasmus University (Rotterdam; Netherlands) and University of Cambridge (UK)



Current Main Speaking Areas:
1. The age of Radical Uncertainty: Winning in an Age of Technological, Geopolitical, Economic and Demographic Disruption

2. From Brexit to Trump: Managing the new geopolitical and economic landscape

3. Generation K: How to engage the next generation of consumers and employees

4. How to Make Smart Decisions in a Complex World



Further Speaking Topics:
1. Sustainability, green, ethics, corporate responsibility
Hertz develops and explains the business case for why the smartest corporations need to engage with traditionally governmental issues – the environment, human rights, sustainability even poverty alleviation – for reasons not only of ethics but also of competitive advantage and profitability.

It’s not that the business of business is no longer business – it’s that as society evolves so do the demands on business change.

As one of the world’s leading experts on economic globalization, and as a thinker who has a unique understanding of consumer trends, activist movements, the changing business-society-government nexus and the realities of shareholder pressures Noreena weaves an engaging tale of how things were, how things are changing, and how companies need to respond to this.

2. Co-op capitalism
The financial crisis was a wake up call. Old style capitalism – what Hertz has called Gucci Capitalism isn’t working. But might the future look quite different to the last twenty years? Hertz argues that it will and lays out a vision of a new form of Capitalism – Co-op Capitalism. Based on her analysis of successful business and economic models outside of the mainstream – from Co-operative enterprises in Italy, to Collaborative ventures on the net such as Wikipedia; and also on her analysis of shifting geopolitical trends - Hertz puts forward an exciting new vision of what the future is moving towards. Towards Co-op Capitalism – a world in which networks and relationships matter and in which traditional measurements of success are being replaced by new and radical ones.

3. How to make sense of a complex world/ How to think smarter
Through her unique multi disciplinary integrated approach – combining economic analysis with insights from psychology, neuroscience, anthropology and sociology – Hertz seeks to make us smarter decision makers, better able to figure out what to do in a complex world. In this speech Hertz identifies thinking traps we all fall into that we are not aware of but need to be; and comes up with exciting active thinking strategies for her audiences to adopt so as to be able to make smarter decisions in their professional and personal lives.

4. Why women matter
Women and gender has been a long time subject of interest for Hertz. Why women matter, the value that they add to organisations and the economy and why promoting women is better for all of us – male and female is what this talk is about.


Professional Profile:

Noreena Hertz is the Duisenberg Professor of Globalization, Sustainability and Finance based at Duisenberg School of Finance, RSM, Erasmus University and University of Cambridge. She is a Fellow of University College London. She has a PhD from the University of Cambridge, an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a BA from University College London.

For more than two decades Professor Hertz’s economic predictions have been accurate and ahead of the curve. In her #1 best-selling book “The Silent Takeover”, Hertz predicted that unregulated markets and massive financial institutions would have serious global consequences whilst her 2005 best-seller,” IOU: The Debt Threat”, predicted the 2008 financial crisis. Her books have been translated into 17 languages.

Many have described Professor Hertz as a visionary and she is one of the most influential economists on the international stage. Her unique, integrated approach combines traditional economic analysis with foreign policy trends, psychology, behavioural economics, anthropology, history and sociology. And her work is considered to provide a much needed blueprint for rethinking economics and corporate strategy.

Professor Hertz played an influential role in the development of (RED), an innovative commercial model to raise money for people with AIDS in Africa, having inspired Bono (co-founder of the project) with her writings. She advises major multinational corporations, CEOs, NGOs and politicians, as well as start-up companies, and sits on various corporate and charitable boards. Her op-ed pieces have been published in newspapers such as “The Washington Post”, and “The Financial Times” and she is regularly profiled and featured in leading print and television media in Europe, the United States, Asia and Latin America.

Professor Hertz has received numerous Awards and Accolades, such as; Young Global Leader, World Economic Forum; Top Ten Most Followed Professors on Twitter; Top British Public Intellectual, the Guardian; Best of Young British, New Statesman; One of the World’s Most Inspirational Women, Vogue Magazine; One of the World’s leading thinkers, The Observer.

Professor Hertz is also a much sought after “keynote speaker” and has spoken alongside such luminaries as Bill Clinton, James Wolfensohn, Hernando de Soto and Jeffrey Sachs at corporate events and also at ones organised by International Organisations such as the World Economic Forum at Davos.