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Alberto Bisin's Mug ShotProfessor of Economics,  New York University (NYU), New York, Usa

Main topics: finance, optimal contracts, social economics, immigration

Professional profile:

Alberto Bisin obtained a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Chicago in 1993, where he worked with Gary Becker, who also served as one of his dissertation advisors.In 1993 he was chosen to participate in the Review of Economic Studies Tour, a yearly conference reserved to the 7 best Ph.D. dissertations in economics.In the same year he was also awarded one of the first Human Capital and Development Fellowship of the European Union, which he elected to use for a visiting professorship at Delta, then the econmics center of the Ecole Normale Superieure (Paris). In 1994 he was hired as an Assistant Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

In 1996 he accepted an offer from NYU, where he turned Associate and then Full Professor. Bisin has been visiting professor at various economics departments, including those at the University of Minnesota, Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona and Bocconi University in Milan.He also acted as a consultant for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He is fellow of several research institutes, including the NBER (Boston), CESS (NYU), CIREQ (University of Montreal), IZA (Bonn), and IGIER (Bocconi). Finally, he sits on the Advisory Board of the Institut d’Etudes Avancées of the Université Cergy-Pontoise (Paris) and on the Scientific Committee of the Helix Center in New York.

Bisin has been appointed to the Economics Committee of the European Research Council, the research foundation of the European Union, and to ANVUR, the center for evaluation of the Italian univesity system; he has partecipated also in the first experimental evaluation exercise of the Italian university system in 2004 (CIVR). More recently, Bisin has been the Economics Departmentmember of the Steering Committee of the Dean of Social Sciences for NYU Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates).

Bisin's publication record includes contributions ranging from mathematical economics to applied and empirical work, from macro to microeconmics, and from finance to social econmics. His work has appeared in the most prestigious academic journals, e.g., the Journal of Political Economy, the Quartely Journal of Economics, Econometrica, the Journal of Economic Theory, just to cite a few. His research has been supported by various private as well as governmental foundations, including the National Science Foundation. He has co-edited the Handbook of Social Economics (vol. I and II, 2010), a prestigious Elsevier series edited by Ken Arrow and Michael Intriligator; and Immigration and cultaral integration in Europe, a CEPR book published by Oxford University Press. Finally, Bisin serves as Associate Editor for several academic journals, including the Journal of Economic Theory and Economic Theory.

Recently, Bisin has partecipated actively in the economic debate in Italy. He is founding - editor of - one of the main blogs of economic policy in Italy since 2006. In 2009 he co-edited, with other members of the blog, Tremonti, Istruzioni per il dis-uso, a critique of the economic policies of the Berlusconi government, published by Ancora del Mediterraneo. He has contributed regularly op-eds for La Stampa (one of the main Italian daily newspapers) untill 2011, when he started collaborating for La Repubblica (an even more widely read daily newspaper. He oftentimes participates to public debates in Italy; recently at the Unione Industriali di Torino (the association of enterpreneurs in Torino) and at the Festival dell'Economia in Trento.

Bisin is a lucid, clear, and passionate presenter, often invited to lectures, conferences, seminars, around the world.




  • BA in Political Economy at Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, 1987
  • Master in Economics, University of Chicago, 2000
  • Ph.D. in Economics, University of Chicago, 2003



Selected works:
  • The Distribution of Wealth and Fiscal Policy in Economies with Finitely Lived Agents, with Jess Benhabib and Shenghao Zhu, Econometrica, 79(1), 122-57, 2011
  • The Economics of Cultural Transmission and Socialization, with Thierry Verdier, in Handbook of Social Economics, Jess Benhabib, Alberto Bisin, Matt Jackson, eds., Elsevier, 2010
  • Ethnic Identity and Labor Market Outcomes of Immigrants in Europe, with Eleonora Patacchini, Thierry Verdier, and Yves Zenou, Economic Policy, 26(65), 57-92, 2011
  • Present-Bias, Quasi-Hyperbolic Discounting, and Fixed Costs, with Jess Benhabib and Andy Schotter, Games and Economic Behavior, 69, 205-23, 2010
  • Managerial Hedging, Equity Ownership, and Firm Value, with Viral Acharya, Rand Journal of Economics, 40(1), 47-77, 2009. Appendix
  • Efficient Competitive Equilibria with Adverse Selection, with Piero Gottardi, Journal of Political Economy, 114(3), 485-516, 2006
  • Markets as Beneficial Constraints on the Government, with Adriano Rampini, Journal of Public Economics, 90, 601-629, 2006
  • Rational Expectations Equilibria of Economies with Local Interactions, with Ulrich Horst and Onur Ozgur, Journal of Economic Theory, 127(1), 2006
  • An Empirical Analysis of Religious Homogamy and Socialization in the U.S, with Giorgio Topa and Thierry Verdier, Journal of Political Economy, 112(3), 615-64, 2004
  • Modeling Internal Commitment Mechanisms and Self-Control: A Neuroeconomics Approach to Consumption-Saving Decisions, with Jess Benhabib, Games and Economic Behavior, Special Issue on Neuroeconomics, 52(2), 460-92, 2004
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