La Nostra Mission

Introduzione delle migliori prassi internazionali di Management, Economia, Finanza.
Sviluppo di idee innovative, metodologie e strumenti di gestione per aiutare le imprese a sviluppare la propria cultura aziendale.
Nigel Barlow, Applied Practical Innovation E-mail
Nigel Barlow has a great track record of applying creative and innovative approaches to business challenges with companies worldwide, from Apple to Vodafone.

His philosophy is that innovation is everybody’s business, not just something that those clever folk in R&D or New Product Development get up to.

He’s an in-demand keynote speaker, consultant, and coach, and in the last year has delivered sessions to support:

  • A leading Nordic software company to reconsider and change its strategic direction
  • A former pharmaceutical company to set and deliver more ambitious targets for growth
  • An international food company to become a 'talent factory', creating a culture which naturally attracts the best talent
  • A global engineering firm to fight price pressure and get rewarded for the value it brings to its customers
  • A world-beating technology company to educate its customers in creative uses of its products and services, thereby increasing sales and profitability
  • A famous manufacturing company improve the quality and impact of its sales force's pitches and presentation