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François Bourguignon's Mug ShotProfessore in Economics, Paris School of Economics, Paris


Research fields:

  • income distribution
  • inequality and poverty
  • wealth, income, and redistribution
  • economic development
  • international trade


Professional profile: François Bourguignon is professor of Economics at the Paris School of Economics and at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris.

He is a specialist in public economic policy, income distribution and inequality, and economic development and has authored a large number of academic papers and books.

Prior to his current appointment, he held the position of Senior Vice President for Development Economics and Chief Economist at the World Bank from 2003 to 2007. He was then appointed as the director of the newly created Paris School of Economics, an appointment he held until 2013.

Along teaching economics and supervising doctoral students, he is presently involved in several research projects. He is also active in the international development community, lecturing and advising leading international agencies as well as foreign governments.



Recently published books:
  • La mondialisation de l'inégalité, Le Seuil, 2012 (translated in German and Italian), an expanded version due to appear in English, ("The globalization of Inequality", Princeton University Press, March 2015); Handbook of Income Distribution Volume 2, Elsevier (co-editedwith A. B. Atkinson).