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Matt Dickinson's Mug ShotAdventurer, Author, and expedition film-maker, Matt Dickinson successfully climbed Mt. Everest

Topics Principali:

  • Motivation
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Change
  • Rethinking

Profilo Professionale: Matt Dickinson is an award winning film maker and writer with twenty years experience in the high risk world of mountain expeditions.

During his career as a director/cameraman for National Geographic Television, Discovery Channel and the BBC he has worked with almost forty teams, always in extreme and often dangerous environments. Amongst other challenging projects he has filmed in Antarctica, on the highest summits of South America and also on the summit of Mt Everest which he climbed via the treacherous and technically difficult North Face. His Everest book The Death Zone has become a bestseller on both sides of the Atlantic.

In recent years Matt has developed a first class reputation as a business speaker, addressing conference events all over the world for companies as diverse as Virgin Atlantic, Vodafone, The Royal Mail, Shell, The World Bank, Pepsico, Kraft Foods and Barclays.
His presentations are thrilling journeys into the world of human motivation in fast changing and turbulent conditions, filled with audio visual examples of his pictures and films. The themes Matt explores in his talks are appropriate for any organisation seeking to shake things up. Based around sound principles of leadership and team dynamics, Matt’s messages about the need for innovation and a willingness to engage with change are right at the heart of his motivational presentations.
His key note addresses and conference talks are particularly appropriate for teams seeking to re-think or re-invent themselves in the face of rapidly changing conditions.

‘Many people fall into the trap of thinking the mountain is always the same.’ Matt observes, ‘but the mountain is a different place every time you approach it. Only through innovative thinking and the ability to think creatively can teams truly achieve their potential in these high risk worlds. Teams that cannot think differently, or are locked in the complacent mind sets of the past, will inevitably fail.’