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Peter Hinssen's Mug ShotCloud Computing & Technology Expert, Thought Leader & IT Strategist

Main Topics: Technology and its impact on business life and society, ICT & New Media and Trends, IT Strategy, Business-IT Fusion,IT Leadership, IT Marketing and Communications, The Digital Revolution beyond Web 2.0, Content and Collaboration Strategies, Technology as an Innovation Enabler


Professional Profile: Acclaimed author, keynote speaker and serial entrepreneur, Peter Hinssen is one of Europe’s thought leaders on disruptive innovation. He has moved on from a deep passion for all things technology to believing that digital is ‘merely’ a spark, an enabler and that networks are the true drivers of progress. He has a focus on the consumer adoption of technology, on the impact of the networked digital society, and on the alignment between Business and IT.

Peter collaborates with organisations that want to understand and leverage how digital has disrupted entire industries and business models. Through disruptive, organisational and digital inspiration, he helps them to survive the fast flowing network our environment has become and shows them how they can thrive in it.

He is obsessed with networks as the most fundamental driver of progress and wrote about them in ‘The Networks Always Wins’. He founded nexxworks to help organisations survive and leverage them.

Peter lectures on IT Strategy and Technology & Organisation future challenges at various business schools in Europe such as the London Business School (UK), and functions as a board advisor on disruptive and digital innovation. He develops executive education workshops and awareness sessions to bridge business challenges with IT solutions, and to leverage the innovation potential of IT. He is a passionate keynote speaker frequently welcomed at Global CIO forums and conferences around the world.

Peter Hinssen has a Master’s degree in Telecommunications and Electronic Engineering from Ghent University, Belgium.



Selected Works:
  • The Network Always Wins: How to Influence Customers, Stay Relevant, and Transform Your Organization to Move Faster than the Market,Hinssen, Peter; McGraw-Hill , 2015
  • New Normal: Explore the limits of the digital world,Hinssen, Peter; Lannoo Publishers , 2011
    Welcome to the New Normal: IT and the Internet have completely altered traditional communication in the healthcare industry. Patients are looking for information coming from a wide range of sources. Products and experiences are being discussed on the internet and shared across social media platforms.
  • Business/IT Fusion: How to Move Beyond Alignment and Transform IT in Your Organization, Hinssen, Peter; Lannoo Publishers,2011
    There is a fundamental dilemma in the world of IT: the technical challenges and opportunities have never been greater, but at the same time the role of IT and the role of the CIO has never been questioned more.