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Our Mission

To introduce the best International Management, Economics and Finance practices.
To develop innovative ideas, methodologies and management tools to support Operating Enterprises in implementing their own Corporate culture.

Lluis Martinez Ribes' Mug ShotAssociate Professor, Department of Marketing in ESADE, URL Lecturer

  Main Topics:

  • Learning methods for always connected people
  • Innovation in marketing, using neuromarketing strategy
  • Innovation in retail, both using omni-channel retailing and neuromarketing strategy
  • Innovation in Going to the Market: in the commercialisation strategy
  • Branding

Professional Profile:

hat makes me wake-up in the morning is how I can contribute to transform business for the better. And in order to achieve such goal I like to use two strong tools: neuromarketing strategy and omni-channel strategy"



Prof. Martínez-Ribes has developed this speciality in 25 countries, either as Associate Professor, or as consultant in intellectually significant projects.

He has been Visiting Professor at SDA Bocconi (Milan, Italy) and lectured at University of Edinburgh (Scotland, UK), University of Vienna (Austria), École Supérieure de Commerce of Lyon (France), Universidad Católica de Córdoba (Argentina), the Stucka University of Kharkov (Ukraine), and the Kazakhstan Institute of Management (KIMEP) in Kazakhstan. He also made presentations at the Goizueta Business School and at other academic institutions.

He is a rather frequent speaker at international conferences, and author of books and articles.

Prof. Martínez-Ribes has been consultant to companies such as Abbvie, Asics, Bayer, Beds-Pikolin, Bimbo, Boehringer Lilly, Camper, Cepsa, Coca-Cola, International Olympic Committee, Cuevas, Eukanuba, Euromadi, General Optica, Goodyear, Danone, Grupo Sans (Sara Lee branded apparel), Habitat furniture, Ikea, Imaginarium, Intersport, la Caixa, Marcilla, Mattel, Mercadona, Nestlé, Nutrexpa (Cola Cao), Pans & Company, Pepsico, Punto Blanco, Pyrénées, Sentosa island, Supsa, Unilever Europe, Uralita, Valentine, Viajes El Corte Inglés, among others.

One of the six finalists at the Retail Innovation Award 2009 for the project Aqui é. Winner of the City Marketing award 2004 for the best city promotion marketing plan with the Smuack Lleida project. Consultant to Supsa, the company that won the World Electronic Marketing Award (1999). He was appointed as Expert in Retail Innovation by the European Commission (2013).

Has been an ESADE Faculty member since 1986, and Director of the Department of Marketing Management, The Market Team (2003-2005). Also Director of the Emms Programme - Executive Master in Marketing and Sales (2008-2014).

Prof. Martínez-Ribes feels extremely pleased when people after his courses get transformed for the better. This is why he likes up to date learning methods.



  • Master of Business Administration in Retailing and Wholesaling, The University of Stirling, UK
  • Bachelor of Business Administration and Master in Business, ESADE, Spain
  • Degree in Business Administration and Management, ESADE - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya



Selected Works:
  • Martínez-Ribes, L. (2014, March). Non-consciousness marketing applied to retail innovation and multichannel. In QSP Summit 2014. Symposium conducted at the meeting of QSP - Consultoria de Marketing, Porto
  • Martínez-Ribes, L., Agell Jané, N., Ortega Font, J. & Aguado Chao, J. (2000, July). Usando la inteligencia artificial para deducir los clientes susceptibles de dejar de ser fieles a una cadena de distribución. In 5th International EAERCD Conference on Retail Innovation 2000, Barcelona
  • Agell Jané, N., Aguado Chao, J., Martínez-Ribes, L. & Ortega Font, J. (2000, March). Helping retailers Stop Customers? Migration by Sifting through their Data Warehouses. In 5th International EAERCD Conference on Retail Innovation 2000, Barcelona.