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Giovanni B. Andronino's Mug ShotInternational Political Scientist, Expert in Contemporary China and Strategic Scenario Analysis
Assistant Professor of International Relations of East Asia Department of Culture, Politics and Society University of Torino, Vice President of T.wai, the Torino World Affairs Institute, Director of the TOChina Centre, Università di Torino, University of Torino, Director of the bimonthly e-journal OrizzonteCina


Research interests:


  • International Relations theory and Foreign Policy Analysis
  • Chinese domestic politics and foreign policy
  • International relations of Asia and the Pacific
  • EU/Italy-China relations and China’s relations with the Mediterranean Region 


Professional Profile:


Dr. Giovanni Andornino is Assistant Professor of International Relations of East Asia at the Department of Culture, Politics and Society of the University of Torino, where he heads the TOChina program, coordinating research, advanced training and track 1.5 networking with China.

He is the Vice President of the Torino World Affairs Institute (T.wai), with responsibility over the “Emerging Actors” research area and, as of 2013, serves as EU Expert and Eminent Person in the framework of the ASEAN Regional Forum.

He is the founding Co-director of the Center for Italian Studies at Zhejiang University (浙⼤大), China. A Ph.D. in International Relations from the Catholic University of Milan, under the supervision of Prof. Vittorio Emanuele Parsi (“Comportamenti e Rappresentazioni della Politica” program).

Dr. Andornino is the author of Dopo la muraglia. La Cina nella politica internazionale del XXI secolo (“After the Wall: China in XXI century international politics”), Vita e Pensiero 2008, co-author of L’orizzonte del mondo (“The world’s horizon”), Guerini 2010, and co-editor with M. Marinelli of Italy’s encounters with modern China. Imperial dreams, strategic ambitions, Palgrave Macmillan 2014.

His chapters on China and global governance feature in the 2010 Routledge Handbook of Chinese International Relations (S. Breslin ed.), the 2011 Brookings Institution Press Frontiers of Europe (F. Bindi & I. Angelescu eds.), Contemporary China through Eyes of Italian Experts (S. Beretta & L. Zhang eds.), China University of Political Science and Law 2013, and The EU-China Relationship: European Perspectives. A Manual for Policy Makers (K. Brown ed.), Imperial College Press 2014. A recipient of an Australian Centre on China in the World grant in 2011 and the London School of Economics McKenzie Prize in 2005, Dr. Andornino has published on China & World Economy, The International Spectator, Mediterranean Quarterly, Mondo Cinese , Teoria Politica and for working paper series of the Italian Parliament, the EU-China Research and Advisory Network, and the London School of Economics, where he completed with distinction an MSc in Global History in 2005.

A Fellow of the Transatlantic Academy (Washington D.C.) in 2010, Dr. Andornino has lectured in advanced training schemes, including at the “Istituto Diplomatico” of Italy’s MFA, the “Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale” (ISPI) in Milan and the European University Institute in Fiesole.

Dr. Andornino is the Editor of OrizzonteCina, Italy’s leading bi-monthly e-journal on current China affairs, and of, among the world’s most comprehensive websites on Chinese politics, IR and political economy.

Brilliant, young speaker with extensive consulting experience in italian and foreign companies and institutions, at the higest level. His numerous interventions in public debate and in qualified telecasts are highly appreciated for dynamism and the ability to place macro-economic considerations within a broader reflection of strategic breadth.




  • Ph.D. in “Political Representations and Behavior”, International Relations profile, Catholic University of Milan (2007)
  • Master of Science in Global History, London School of Economics and Political Science, London (2005, with distinction)
  • Degree in Political Science / International Relations, Faculty of Political Science, Catholic University of Milan (2003, cum laude)
  • Scottish Certificate of Higher Education, Dollar Academy, Scotland (1999)



Selected Publications:
  • 2015, “Sino-Italian Relations in a Turbulent Mediterranean: Trends and Opportunities”, Mediterranean Quarterly, 26, 1.
  • 2015, “Prefazione”, in L. GORI, L’America allo specchio, Aracne, Ariccia.
  • 2015, “An Assessment of EU-China Relations in Global Governance Forums”, in K. BROWN (a cura di), The EU-China Relationship: European Perspectives: A Manual for Policy Makers, Imperial College Press, Londra.
  • 2014, (con M. MARINELLI, a cura di), Italy’s encounters with modern China. Imperial dreams, strategic ambitions, Palgrave Macmillan, New York. 2013, “La politica estera sotto Xi Jinping: matrici e prospettive”, Mondo Cinese, 152.
  • 2013, “China’s new role on the world stage. Trends, issues, prospects”, in L. ZHANG - S. BERETTA (a cura di) Contemporary China through Eyes of Italian Experts, China University of Political Science and Law, Pechino.
  • 2012, “The Political Economy of Italy's Relations with China”, The International Spectator, 47.
  • 2012, “Attraversare il fiume tastando le pietre (mozhe shitou guo he)? Alla ricerca di un modello di sviluppo con caratteristiche cinesi (1978-2011)” «Sulla via del Catai», 8.
  • 2012, “La Cina sceglie i leader del prossimo decennio”, Vita&Pensiero, 3.
  • 2012, Prospettive commerciali e tenuta del sistema bancario e finanziario nella Repubblica Popolare Cinese, con G. GABUSI, Rapporto per l’Osservatorio di Politica Internazionale del Parlamento italiano.
  • 2011, “The EU-China relations in light of possible future EU enlargements”, in F. BINDI - I. ANGELESCU (a cura di), Frontiers of Europe, Brookings Institution Press Washington, DC.
  • 2010, (co-autore), L’orizzonte del mondo. Politica internazionale, sfide globali, nuove geografie del potere, Guerini, Milano.
  • 2010, “China and Global Governance”, in S. BRESLIN (a cura di), Handbook of China’s International Relations, Routledge, Londra.
  • 2008, Dopo la muraglia. La Cina nella politica internazionale del XXI secolo, Vita e Pensiero, Milano.