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Our Mission

To introduce the best International Management, Economics and Finance practices.
To develop innovative ideas, methodologies and management tools to support Operating Enterprises in implementing their own Corporate culture.

Fabrizio Coricelli's Mug ShotProfessor of Economics, Paris School of Economics, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
Research Fellow, CEPR London

Main Topics:

  • Economics of European Integration (effects of economic and political integration)
  • International Economics (financial crises and unemployment), Economics of Emerging Markets
  • Economics and politics of financia lliberalizations
  • Myths and reality of the Italian economic decline

Short Professional Profile: 

Professor of Economics, Paris School of Economics, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne He is also Research Fellow, CEPR London, for which he directs the European Central Banking Network. He has a long working experience in international institutions, having worked in Washington at the International Monetray Fund and at the World bank, in London at EBRD and in Bruxelles at the EU Commission.



  • BA in Economics, Università di Modena, Italia
  • Ph. D. in Economics, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia



Selected Publications:  
  • Coricelli, F. (1998) Macroeconomic policies and development of markets in economies in transition, Central European University Press/ Oxford University Pres
  • Boeri, T. and F. Coricelli (2003) Europa: più grande o più unita? Ed. Laterza
  • Coricelli, F., M. Frigerio, L. Lorenzoni, L. Moretti e A. Santoni (2012), Il declino dell’economia italiana tra realtà e falsi miti, Carocci
    Articles and Comments 
  • Guillermo Calvo & Fabrizio Coricelli & Pablo Ottonello, 2013. "Jobless Recoveries During Financial Crises: Is Inflation the Way Out?," NBER Working Papers 19683, published in Macroeconomic and Financial Stability: Challenges for Monetary Policy, edited by Sofia Bauducco, Lawrence Christiano and Claudio Raddatz. Santiago, Chile. 2014.
  • Calvo G., F. Coricelli and P. Ottonello, (2012), “The labor market consequences of financial crises with and without inflation: Jobless and wageless recoveries”, NBER Working Papers 18480.
  • Coricelli, F., F.R. Ravasan and A. Woergoetter 2013, “The origins of the German current account surplus: Unbalanced productivity growth and structural change," CEPR Discussion Papers 9527.
  • Campos, N. and F.Coricelli, (2002)- "Growth in transition: what we know, what we don't, and what we should", Journal of Economic Literature, September.
  • Coricelli, F.,(1996) "Finance and growth in economies in transition", European Economic Review, 40.
  • Campos, N., F. Coricelli and Luigi Moretti (2014), “Economic Growth and Political Integration: Estimating the Benefits from Membership in the European Union Using the Synthetic Counterfactuals Method," IZA Discussion Papers 8162 and CEPR Discussion Papers 9968.
  • Campos, N. and F.Coricelli (2012) “Financial Liberalization and Reversals: Political and Economic Determinants”, Economic Policy.
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