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Sviluppo di idee innovative, metodologie e strumenti di gestione per aiutare le imprese a sviluppare la propria cultura aziendale.

WOLFGANG HENSELERProfessor for Digital Transformation & Intermedia Design, University of Pforzheim, Germany

Research Interests:

Digital Transformation, Data Driven Business, Customer Centricity, Internet of Things and Services, Smart Business Ecosystems, Design- and Hybrid Thinking.



Profilo Professionale:

Wolfgang Henseler is a Professor for Digital Business Transformation and Data Driven Business Solutions at the University of Pforzheim (Germany). He is also the Dean of Intermedia Design – lectures for the development and design of Innovative Smart Ecosystems for the Internet of Things and Services.

He has been teaching Leadership Skills for a Digital Economy at the International Business School in Lausanne (IMD) as well as at his University in Pforzheim. He regularly consults and enables leader and their teams in oppurtunities of the digital change and customer centric thinking.

Outside of academia, Wolfgang runs his own company and is Creative Managing Director of Sensory-Minds – a Designstudio for innovative Technolgies and smart Media with 50 people based in Offenbach am Main (Germany) where he and his team works for international clients from all branches e.g. Mercedes-Benz, Merck, JTI, innogy, Lufthansa, Porsche etc.

Wolfgang works with clients representing a wide range of sectors, including central and investment banking, private equity, fund management, law and accountancy firms, management consultancy, advertising, media, music, architecture, consumer goods, telecommunications, engineering, information technology and data management companies.

Wolfgang is a member of the Executive Investment Committee of the Commerbank and consults the Bank in decision making for Future Investments into Start-up companies like Fintechs or Digital Health Companies. He also consults the german ministry for economics and digital infrastructure in digital transformation and their effects on the society and belongs to the ethic group for artificial intelligence.

Wolfgang is a keynote speaker to many international conferences and has been with Apple as an evangelist on their Millennial Tour as well as with Google and Amazon on different events as a promotor for their digital business solutions. He also works for these companies as a consultant in different areas.

Wolfgang’s primary consultancy interests focus on designing and delivering executive development workshops in design and hybrid thinking for smart ecosystems, coaching senior managers and facilitating senior management teams, with an emphasis on leadership and digital change management agendas. He received his Master of Arts with Distinction from the University of Offenbach am Main.