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Dan CableProfessor of Organisational Behaviour, London Business School Chair , Organisational Behaviour Faculty.

Ambiti Principali:

  • employee engagement
  • leading change
  • organisational culture and its effects on sustained competitive advantage
  • leadership development and mindset
  • linkage between brands and employee behaviours
  • human resoursec strategy in transforming organizations
  • talent management
  • cultural fit
  • the organisational entry process
  • career success
  • authenticity an self verification



Profilo Professionale:

Dan Cable is Professor of Organisational Behaviour at London Business School. Dan’s areas of teaching, research, and consulting include employee engagement, leading change, organisational culture and its effects on sustained competitive advantage, leadership development and mindset, and the linkage between brands and employee behaviours.

Dan’s newest book, Alive at work, will appear in March 2018 through Harvard Business School Press. His first book was Change to Strange: Create a Great Organization by Building a Strange Workforce. He also has published two edited books and more than 50 articles on culture and cultural fit, careers, and management in top academic journals. His most recent research was published in Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review and the Academy of Management Journal, and has recently been featured in the Economist, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Business Week. In 2014 and 2012, Dan won the “Best article in Organizational Behavior” from the Academy of Management, and in 2012 the Academy of Management Perspectives ranked Dan 22nd most influential management scholar.

Dan has worked with a broad range of organisations ranging from high-tech startups to the World Economic Forum. His recent clients include Carlsberg, Coca Cola, EY, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Ikea, McDonalds, MS Amlin, Prudential, pwc, Rabobank, Roche, Siemens, and Twitter.