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SILLE KRUKOWExpert for behavioural design and Founder of KRUKOWBehavioral Design

Sustainable decision making; sustainable decision making amongst adolescence
Nudge to change financial behavior/How to change financial decision making
Nudge and applied behavioral science as a way of altering consumer decisions.

Sille is an internationally acknowledged Nudge and Behavioral Design Expert as well as the Founder of KRUKOWBehavioral Design Team. Sille has more than 10 years of experience in conducting behavioral design studies. She has documented experience in measurably nudging consumers towards better, greener and safer decision-making in global markets. Sille is the developer of the Krukow methodology for piloting and developing nudge solutions, a methodology that generates substantial business results on top of enabling great decisionmaking.Sille has substantial knowledge within the field of applied behavioral science, nudging, and how to communicate to facilitate change amongst consumers. She has conducted projects across sectors and industries on a global scale and acts as a spokesperson. She is Behavioral Design Director at Krukow. Through her many years of designing to change behavior, she has built up a substantial knowledge bank on how to applybehavioral science and design thinking to optimize consumer behaviors and businesses.
She is convinced that behaviour is the engine to drive global change and that we, by applying behavioural science and design thinking, can make short- and long-term improvements easily.

Furthermore, Sille has been a Visiting Professor at CU Denver, is a guest lecturer at several international universities such as Pratt, The University of Leicester and The University of St. Gallen, a TV host, and an internationally acknowledged keynote speaker. She has worked with a broad range of corporate and strategic issues across geographies and industry sectors. She was speaking at events such as The OECD Summit, Neuromarketing World Forum and TEDx and hosts her own TV show on applied behavioral science