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Geoff Mulgan Professor of Collective Intelligence, Public Policy and Social Innovation at University College London (UCL)


- Collective intelligence – how business, governments and civil society mobilise many kinds of intelligence, from data to knowledge
- Artificial intelligence and its applications (including its ethical dilemmas)
- Technology for good or social impact
- Strategy – including in the public sector
- The future of work and skills
- Shifting patterns in politics
- Future Economy
- Happiness & Education


Geoff Mulgan CBE is Professor of Collective Intelligence, Public Policy and Social Innovation at University College London (UCL), starting in February 2020. Prior to that he was Chief Executive of Nesta, the UK's innovation foundation between 2011 and the end of 2019. From 1997 to 2004 Geoff had roles in the UK government including director of the Government's Strategy Unit and head of policy in the Prime Minister's office. From 2004 to 2011 he was the first Chief Executive of The Young Foundation. He was the first director of the think-tank Demos; and has been a reporter on BBC TV and radio.

He has a PhD in telecommunications and has been a visiting professor at London School of Economics (LSE), University College London (UCL) and Melbourne University, a senior visiting scholar at Harvard University and President of the Innovation Design Department at the Italian University for Design (IAAD) in Turin. He has also been a regular lecturer at the China Executive Leadership Academy.

Geoff co-founded many organisations including Demos, the Young Foundation, the Social Innovation Exchange (SIX), Uprising, Studio Schools Trust, Action for Happiness, the Alliance for Useful Evidence, the Australia Centre for Social Innovation, States of Change and Nesta Italia. He has co-chaired a World Economic Forum group looking at innovation and entrepreneurship in the fourth industrial revolution.

He has advised many governments, chairs an international advisory committee for the Mayor of Seoul and sits on advisory committees for the Prime Minister’s office in the United Arab Emirates, the Scottish Government and SITRA, the Finnish innovation agency. He will be a World Economic Forum Schwab Fellow from 2019-22. He has pioneered many ideas used by governments – including creative economy strategies, joined-up government, anticipatory regulation, experimentalism, open innovation and problem-solving methods.

Past books include: “The Art of Public Strategy” (Oxford University Press),”Good and Bad Power” (Penguin), “The Locust and the Bee” (Princeton University Press) and “Big Mind: how collective intelligence can change our world” (Princeton University Press). His latest book “Social Innovation: How Societies find the Power to Change” was published in late 2019 by Policy Press.

Geoff has given TED talks on the future economy, happiness and education.