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Debora Spar's Mug ShotProfessor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School, Boston, USA

Main Topics: government and companies; e-commerce; economic development, international business; political economy; globalization and emerging markets; intellectual property

Professional Profile: Debora Spar is the Spangler Family Professor at Harvard Business School, where she works on issues of business-government relations and the political environment of international commerce.
At Harvard, professor Spar is Chair of the Business, Government and the International Economy Unit (BGIE) and teaches courses on the politics of international business, comparative capitalism, and economic development. She is also Chair of Making Markets Work, an executive education program devoted to public and private sector leaders in Africa, and teaches and consults for a number of multinational corporations, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations. Before joining the Harvard Business School faculty in 1992, professor Spar was an assistant professor in the political science department at the University of Toronto from 1990 to 1991.
Professor Spar's current research focuses on issues of foreign trade and investment, examining how firms compete in foreign markets and how government policies shape and constrain their options. In particular she is interested in information-based industries such as media, entertainment, and biotechnology; and has recently published a book that explores the political evolution of cyberspace. Her current research examines the politics of reproductive science, analyzing how the "baby business" has developed and how commerce, politics and technology are likely to interact in and affect this market. Other projects examine the political drivers of foreign direct investment and the impact of investment on human rights and labour standards.
Dr. Spar is the author of numerous publications in academic and public policy journals.


Profilo accademico:
  • Degree, Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service, 1984
  • M.A., Harvard University, 1986
  • Ph.D., Harvard University, 1990



Principali pubblicazioni:
  • D. L. Spar, Managing International Trade and Investment: Case Book, Imperial College Press, 2003
  • D. L. Spar, Ruling the Waves: Cycles of Invention, Chaos and Wealth, Harcourt Brace Inc., 2001
  • D. L. Spar, Attracting High Technology Investment: Intel's Costa Rican Plant, Foreign Direct Investment Advisory Service, 1998
  • D. L. Spar, The Cooperative Edge: The Internal Politics of International Controls, Ithaca, Cornell University Press, 1994
  • D. L. Spar, Iron Triangles and Revolving Doors: Cases in U.S. Foreign Economic Policymaking, with R. Vernon and G. Tobin, Westport, Praeger Publishers, 1991
  • D. L. Spar, Beyond Globalism: Remaking American Foreign Economic Policy, with Raymond Vernon, Free Press, 1988