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Nigel Newman's Mug ShotCertificated Master Trainer APTT (Advanced Practical Thinking Training) and DATT (Direct Attention Thinking Tools)

Main Topics: Creativity and Innovation, Human Resources, Business Management, Psychometric Assessment in the Recruitment and Selection of Effective Personnel

Professional Profile: Prof. Newman is a specialist human resources consultant based in UK.
A highly experienced facilitator and a Master Trainer in Dr. Edward de Bono's Thinking Methods including Lateral Thinking, Six Thinking Hats and Direct Attention Thinking Tools. He has worked with techniques developed by the Cognitive Research Trust (CoRT) - the CoRT Thinking Program for schools is now the most widely used international programme for the direct teaching of thinking in schools. He is also a certified instructor in the Think on Your Feet programme, created by Dr Keith Spicer, that enables thinkers to express themselves more clearly.
His creative work extends to a wide variety of international organisations and includes: International Youth Foundation, Royal National Institute for the Deaf, Masters in Youth programme at University of Oporto, The School of the Future in Holland and Education Without Borders Programme in UAE. He is currently working to introduce creative thinking and design skills to teacher colleges and schools in the EC as part of the Comenius project.
He is passionate about the need for greater emphasis on the active teaching of thinking as a life skill. Prof. Newman is a teaching graduate with a background in the military and business management where he became experienced in the use of psychometric assessment in the recruitment and selection of effective personnel. He has also developed programmes on creative leadership and team-building for a number of his major corporate clients - helping them to release creativity in their thinking.