STEFANO TURCONI Teaching Fellow of Strategy and Entrepreneurship MSc (Politecnico di Milano/Italy) MSc (London Business School/ London)

Strategy, Strategy execution, Executing Strategy for Results; Leadership, Innovation Making Innovation Happen

He focuses on Translational Research and Action Learning in the context of business strategy. He aims to help reconcile academic theory and empirical findings in order to improve strategy execution and enhance business performance.

Una vita trascorsa a cercare l'eccellenza da atleta, da allenatore e dirigente, lo ha condotto ad impegnarsi nei progetti di sviluppo e crescita individuale e di team/gruppo usando l'arte del Coach Maieutico - Evidence Based - grazie al quale è possibile risvegliare il potenziale individuale/team, riducendo al minimo le "interferenze"dell'inner game, o gioco interiore, che ci disturbano nel quotidiano riducendo la prestazione.


Stefano Turconi is Teaching Fellow of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at London Business School. He serves as an instructor in Executing Strategy for Results—an advanced program for senior executives—and was the director of the Active Learning Programme—a joint initiative of LBS and MIT and the Young Presidents' Organization (YPO). Stefano is a partner at Charles Thames, a boutique advisory firm assisting CEOs and top teams in formulating and executing strategy.

During the past several years, he has worked closely with a multitude of C-suite executives, leading company-wide interventions to remove strategic bottlenecks—all with documented results and far-reaching impact. Stefano holds an MSc in General Management (with distinction) from LBS and an MSc in Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, and studied participant-centered learning methods at Harvard Business School. He has published a number of papers, case studies, and articles, which appeared on Business Strategy Review, Strategic Direction, and MIT Sloan Management Review.

His findings have appeared in publications such as Business Strategy Review (now London Business School Review), Strategic Direction and Sloan Management Review.

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