PROMOSTUDIO is a consulting company, with more than 30 years of experience, thanks to the consolidated collaboration with its professors/consultants/speakers supports companies to realize their: internal and external institutional events, conventions, syposiums, forum, seminars, festivals, training and executive education in presence and in virtual format on line in video conference.

Speakers Bureau

Specialized in NOBEL AWARDS IN ECONOMICS, EXPERTS IN ECONOMICS and INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT and collaborates with most significant opinion leaders of the international Business Economy.

Consulting, Training, Executive Education

Lateral Thinking – Creativity and innovation; Balanced Scorecard; Benchmarking; Strategic Consulting and Training for Top Management; Managing by Commitments – Core Business and change; Customer Satisfaction Measurement…

Meet in Boston

Study trips to the United States for entrepreneurs and managers at the Harvard Faculty Club in Boston.

Over 250 world renown AND PRESTIGIOUS international Speakers

PROMOSTUDIO has developed its own Speakers Agency thanks to a know-how acquired over years of experience and can boast direct and personal relationships with most of its speakers.

About us

“In life, as in work, great encounters are often decisive. The hardest part is knowing how to cultivate them, developing a simple relationship in a daily enrichment. This, we can say, is the real bonus of Giovanni Vescovo, president and CEO of Promostudio, a high-level consultancy, training and strategic marketing company, which every day confronts the biggest brains in the economy.

“Are you aware of the Nokia advertising slogan, connecting people? If we wanted to find an advertising slogan for our company, we could think of something like connecting brains … “[…] After meeting the great economist, Vescovo decides to make a change by expanding the area of competence of the company: no longer just management but also pure economics, macroeconomics and finance. This thus becomes the original trait of Promostudio which has begun to combine different disciplines with each other, proposing a continuous comparison between them.

[…] The agency does everything and organizes each appearance with the precision of a meticulous script. … In Italy there are no real specialized agencies. The only exception is the Promostudio of Spinea (Venice), which organizes the annual Nobels in Venice, and has grown around the “lateral thinking” of Edward de Bono, represented exclusively in Italy, as well as Jeremy Rifkin, the Nobel Joseph Stiglitz and Edward Luttwak. […]

“Your professionalism is extraordinary”.

“For me, it was a moment that profoundly enriched me both professionally and personally. Upon hearing the speakers, I came up with a series of ideas that could characterize a large part of the associative activities next year.”

[…] again, this year I could see the benefit of being your guest in such a great event, together with the Clevernet Meeting held on Monday. This is expressed in the nature of the subjects and quality of presentations/speeches, and meetings with very interesting people and perfect organisation. […]

[…] thank you again for the invitation that allowed me to pleasantly spend very interesting professional hours […]

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